Treetops Kitty Cafe


Please help us keep the Treetops Kitty Cafe open!

In a little less than a year, we’ve had thousands of visitors and adopted out 163 cats, more than twice the rate as we did before opening the Cafe.  However, adoption and entry fees are not nearly enough to cover operating expenses, so we badly need continuing donations to be able to keep open beyond 2018.

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The non-profit Treetops Kitty Café is dedicated to finding permanent homes for rescued cats.   We sell gifts for cat lovers, high quality dog & cat food from VeRUS, cat care supplies, and drinks & snacks.  For a small donation fee, visitors can sit & mingle with our many adorable adoptable cats.  

Because the Cafe is non-profit, all revenue from sales, entry and adoption fees, goes towards operating costs and the care of rescued animals!   But this covers only a fraction of the expense of vet care for our cats, so we rely heavily on donations to remain open.   Please visit our sponsorship page to see our incentives at different levels of sponsorship!

Tree Tops Animal Rescue has helped find homes for over 2,000 pets since 2006, saving them from being killed or homeless.  We do not have a shelter and until 2017 we relied solely on volunteer foster families to care for our rescued animals as pets in their homes until they are adopted.   Then in 2017 we opened the Treetops Kitty Cafe, where cats could live in a home-like environment so that even more cats could find their forever homes. 


Your donations help cats such as Carlos.  When we found him in a Philadelphia shelter, he had been picked up by animal control, injured and ill, but was still super friendly to the staff.  Since he was already neutered and his ear nocked, he must have been caught when younger in a Trap-Neuter-Release program for feral cat populations.  By the time we got him in rescue foster care, his fever spiked from a systemic infection of unknown origin and it took weeks of antibiotics and hand feeding for him to recover.  But since then, he’s been charming people as a long-time resident of the Kitty Café, which gives him a wonderful temporary home to enjoy until the right person comes along to adopt him.   

Under ABOUT on the top menu, you can find more information including FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), Hours and Fees, and the Kitty Lounge Rules.  In particular,  children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult and those 14-17 must have signed permission from their parents (see Waivers and Volunteer Contracts under the ABOUT menu).  Check out our special activities under EVENTS and please CONTACT US if you are interested in adopting, volunteering, fostering or donating!

Check out this amazing video introducing us!