About Us


TreeTops Kitty Café is a place to hang out, enjoy a snack, and spend time with adoptable cats & kittens from TreeTops Animal Rescue!   The Cafe has packaged snacks for sale (granola bars, chips, etc..) and features fresh baked goodies from Hood’s BBQ  and Sweet Magnolia’s .  We offer a variety of cold bottled beverages and hot drinks such as coffee, as well as tea from Mrs Robinson’s Tea Shop,  including a custom purrfect blend tea created especially for the kitty cafe!  Guests are also welcome to bring their own food to enjoy at the Kitty Cafe from the many great restaurants in Kennett Square!

Due to the Kitty Cafe being a non-profit, there is a small donation fee to hang out with the cats – you can learn more under hours and fees.   All  revenue from sales and donations goes towards our operating costs and for the care of rescued animals.


TreeTops Animal Rescue 

We are a 501c3 non-profit since 2006, during which we have adopted out over 1,500 pets, saving them from being killed or homeless.  We do not have a shelter and have relied on volunteer foster families to care for our rescued animals as pets in their homes until they are adopted.  Now with the Treetops Kitty Cafe, we have a wonderful new space for the more social kitties to  live and play until they find their forever homes!

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a cat, volunteering at the Kitty Cafe,  or donating to help keep the Cafe open and save more cat, please visit our Contact Us page for more information!

Volunteer of the Month

Treetops Kitty Cafe would like to start recognizing and highlighting our dedicated volunteers that make our mission possible! Without them, less felines would be united with friends and forever families and we would like to commend a volunteer each month for their service and commitment!


This is Ryan, he has been volunteering here at the Cafe for 4 months now.  He puts in countless hours, cleaning litter boxes, feeding, helping with cats, talking to guests about our cats and working the register!  He has 2 new kittens at home that he just adopted, Cassie and Charlie!