Happy Tails

stories from our adopted rescue cats!

FRIDA & RAMONA (formerly Morgan & Miranda)

“Morgan (now Frida) is doing great at home- she has explored the house & is having fun playing with our cat Choro. She is so very outgoing & playful! Much different than how she had seemed before we adopted her, so we are very happy she has adjusted so well & so fast!”

“Ramona is out & purring loudly, just in time for Caturday. 😻”



“Just wanted to give you an update on Jupiter and Caramel…. they are having a blast, being the crazy, curious, loving kitties we knew they would be! Always together…..”










“Carlos and Freckles checking in to say hi! They are doing so well. Both love to sleep in the bed with us at night. When they aren’t chasing each other around and playing and having a great time, they love to cuddle like this. We love them so much!”


“Morris is just the best. He’s so gentle and forgiving. He loves his dog sisters and his cat sister, even though she doesn’t love him…yet. He thinks he is a dog!”



Lovin life!

Really would like to go outside!!




“Pablo showed up at a feral cat colony in Philadelphia and was taken in by Michelle who feeds the colony since he was clearly not feral, just abandoned and scared. Our rescue got him vetted and found a foster who decided to adopt him. Below are the before and after pictures.”

Loki (formerly Cheeto) 

“We bought Loki (formally Cheeto) in the beginning of January. He is loving his new home and family and we are so grateful we had the opportunity to interact with him through your cafe.”









Noodle (formerly Linda) and Cookie (formerly Maxine)

“We adopted Noodle (formerly Linda) from Treetops in February and she has filled our lives with so much joy and laughter! She fits into our little family so perfectly and we’re beyond grateful to the kitty cafe for introducing her to us. We can’t imagine our lives without her!”

Update: Noodle now has a sister, Cookie! Cookie (formerly Maxine) was adopted in August. Welcome to the family, Cookie!










Sienna and Lily (formerly Marianne)

“Thought I’d share pictures of Sienna & Marianne (now known as Lily). They’re great!!”










“Asia is a love and we are thrilled to have her. My son adores her.”










“Thank you so much for all of your help! Jill spent the first hour or so exploring her new home then exploring us. She seems to be settling in very nicely! She is such a sweetheart!”








Kiwi (formerly Melissa)

“Melissa (now named Kiwi) is growing and really coming into her own here. She’s also quite the little snuggler and is just the sweetest girl. My boyfriend and I absolutely adore her. She is always running around getting into things and playing with her 2 year old cat sister. They both really seem to enjoy the others company playing and running around and I look forward to the day I catch them snuggling.

I just wanted to let you know that her health is good and she is living her best kitten life.
We will stay in touch.

Thank you for finding this little love from down south and bringing her up here. I truly feel she was meant to be mine. I attached some photos that give you an idea of her silly and playful personality.. as you can see, I had a hard time narrowing it down and picking a favorite to share.”










Stevie Girl (formerly Sissy) and Scotty

“The kittens were in our screened in patio. Tan Dan, a neighbor’s cat, has taken up residence in our barn. The horses were out on the lawn so Will came to look out for his “little brother and sister”. Tan Dan is nose to nose with Scotty. They get along great visiting.”


“Eliza – the love monster!

Eliza would like you to know that she has changed her name to Missy.

So, less than half a day & I have a new shadow! She has used her new litter box, ate from her new bowl and, drank from her water dish. 3 for 3. What’s more she body surfed me in bed half the night.

Also, I forgot to ask when I was there – where is the ‘off switch’ for this purring machine?!!!”










Miss Kitty

‘Thank you for all of the help with the adoption. We just came from the Kitty Cafe with Miss Kitty and my Mom both very happy. What a nice environment you have created for the cats. They all look immaculate and loving life. I was very tempted to bring home the orange and white fella that helped me fill out the forms for my Mom.
Thanks again and Happy Holidays!”









Well, the Cat’s out of the Bag, metaphorically speaking. After months of keeping a Top Secret as best as an 8-month-old can, our dear little imp of a kitten, Oona, can finally reveal that she has, indeed, been invited to attend the Royal Nuptials of Harry, Prince of Something (Sussex? Essex??Wales the Third??? whatever…)  and Meghan, Princess of Mediocre Prime Time American Television.


Sparky came to us from a South Carolina shelter,  He was turned in by a woman who said she had found him the year before badly injured and had taken him to the vet to have his leg removed and his other paws declawed.  The shelter cat rescue coordinator told us what an amazing boy he was, so we brought him up to the Kitty Café, where he quickly charmed someone enough to adopt him.  His new family says : Sparky is one amazing cat, we are so blessed to have found him. … We could not be more happy with Sparky’s personality and the presence that he brings to our home. Thank you for providing such a wonderful adoption experience!”

Susie – Now “Stormy”

Susie and her kittens were found by animal control in Philadelphia, but by the time we got her into rescue only one kitten was still alive. After being fostered in the Friends Senior Living home, she and her kitten Precious came to the Kitty Café where Precious was quickly adopted.  Although Susie liked people and tolerated the other cats, she tended to keep to herself there, so she was there months without interest.  We then moved her to a foster home and she promptly perked up and showed what a wonderful house cat she was.  When a family with young children applied, we recommended they meet her instead of the kitten they originally applied for.  They told us “It’s been almost a week since we adopted Stormy (formerly Susie) and it’s like she’s always been a part of our family! She is so sweet and is always hanging out with our kids! The kids adore her! She’s got the most amazing purr and loves climbing all over my husband when he’s try to do the dishes!”


Polly & Henry were adopted from our rescue but after 2 years the owner contacted us reluctantly about finding them a new home.  She had gotten divorced and was in organ failure waiting for an operation and long hospitalization and couldn’t care for them any longer.  Although Henry remains in long-term foster care, Polly, now 4 year old went to the kitty Café, where this gentle sweet girl waited patiently for the right person.    Polly now has a new home and a new name, to the great joy of her former owner.   “We also changed Polly’s name 😆.. to “Penny”. “Penny” is undeniably awesome. I love her so much😍Thanks for letting me adopt her.”

First kitty adopted at the Tree Tops Kitty Cafe…. Olivia and her new mom, Vicki! Exciting stuff!