Private Reserved Events

Reservation of Café – $75 for 1 ½ hours, up to 10 people (before or after public hours)


  • Drinks & Snacks- available for purchase at the Café.
  • Meals- can be ordered and delivered from: State St Pizza, El Ranchero, or Buddy’s
  • Desserts- can be ordered & picked up from Nomadic Pies, Hood’s, You’re So Sweet, or Sweet Magnolia’s.
  • Wine can be purchased from Paradocx in Liberty Market
  • Or bring in your own food & drink
  • Disposable Plates, Cups, Napkins included

Party Pack –  + $50  for up to 10 people (no more than 8 children under 14 + 2  supervising adults)

  • Cat plates, cups, & napkins
  • Favors- Headband, Cat stickers, 1 cat item each (e.g. grumpy cat, emoji cat, rubber ducky)
  • Clip-on Cat charm for the birthday person
  • Cat activities – pin the tail on the cat, beanbag toss, & cat craft