Currently we are in need of Party Planners!!

We planning our next Fundraising Event.  It is requiring people to help plan, find a venue, find and gather raffle items, make food, set up and work the day of the event.

Contact Holly at treetopskittycafe@gmail.com


New volunteers need to complete a Kitty Cafe Volunteer application below or you can pick up one at the Cafe.  You will then receive an email from the volunteer coordinator with further instructions and must fill out the contract.  You must be at least 14 and those under 18 need the permission and signature of a parent or guardian.

This is a list of some duties that all Volunteers need to do while they are here:

Some Daily Tasks

  • Scoop out litter boxes
  • Clean food and water bowls
  • Take apart the water fountains, checking and/or cleaning or replacing their filters
  • Talk to guests about cats
  • Do laundry & re-stock linen cabinet neatly and in order
  • Check floors for pee or throw up and clean up
  • Clean cat toys
  • Clean cat dishes
  • Sweep & mop floors
  • Dust store shelves
  • Check cans on shelf, make sure they are clean and labels facing out
  • Check the Glade air fresheners to see if they need replacing
  • Stock the cooler
  • Clean glass & windows
  • Brush cats, clip nails
  • A thorough dusting and wiping of shelving using cleaning wipes, merchandise, photo frames, furniture, outside of trashcans, computer screen, pos screen
  • Wipe down the cat tree’s removing the hair
  • Stock and clean bathroom
  • Fill the cat food container
  • Take cats to the vet
  • Go to store to pick up supplies
  • and much more…..

One of Our Volunteers


Taylor has been volunteering at Treetops since September 2017! She has a dog of her own, Comet, but her cats are here at the Café! She is our cat whisperer, she works very well with the shy cats that come in, especially the ones who hide under the steps! She also answers all of our customer questions regarding the cats and their personalities!

Her family has allergies, so she comes to volunteer here to get her kitty fix!


If you are interested in Volunteering with us please fill out this form and submit.  We will be in touch with you.

Volunteer Application
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