Find out the Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions below.


Q: What is a Cat Cafe?

Cat Cafés began in Asia and have been spreading rapidly around the world since.   They provide a unique experience where people can hang out with a cup of coffee, a book, or a laptop and play, pet, or watch cats in a clean stress-free space.  For the cats, having a place to roam free instead of being caged lets them show potential adopters their real personality and helps them find a forever home sooner.  And for people, petting and watching cats is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and increase levels of oxytocin and serotonin- in other words, it’s great for your physical and mental health!


Q.Why do I have to pay to play with cats?

TreeTops Kitty Café is a small non-profit business run by TreeTops Animal Rescue, a 50c3 non-profit.  It takes a considerable amount of money to pay for rent, utilities, staff, and taxes, as well as vet care & supplies to care for the cats, and adoption fees only cover a fraction of these expenses.  We cannot continue to operate if we do not charge a fee, and we depend on our customers and our community to support our mission with their donations.


Q: Do the cats live at the Cafe? Are they all available for adoption?

TreeTops Animal Rescue is a foster based program.  For healthy social cats, the TreeTops Kitty Cafe acts as a cage-free foster “home” until they find a permanent one.  If one gets sick or is stressed in the Café , we’ll move them back into a foster home to recover.  You can find pictures and descriptions of all available cats, and information on adoption on the TreeTops Animal Rescue webpage at www.treetopsrescue.org.  We try to mark on their webpage whether they are in foster care or at the Cafe, but please call the Cafe at 610-925-2908 to check if you’re coming to meet a particular cat.  In addition, ones marked “adopted” have just been adopted and are no longer at the Cafe and those marked “adoption pending” have an approved applicant in the  process of adopting, so are no longer available to other applicants.


Q: Where do you get the cats?

Most come from shelters where they have come in as strays or were given up by their former owners. All cats have been seen by a veterinarian, are up to date on vaccines (for their age), tested for felv/fiv, treated for fleas and dewormed.


Q: Can I bring my cat? I found a cat/need to give up my cat. Can I bring him/her to the cafe? 

No, we are not set up to allow personal pets or to accept found/unwanted cats at the café.


Q: Is this a real Cafe? Can I order food or coffee? Can I bring food in from outside?

While we do not prepare any food at the cafe (the cafe kitties are too interested in helping to do that safely), we do sell drinks and packaged snacks. And yes, you can bring in food or drinks bought from other local businesses.


Q: What else is there to do at the Cafe?

Besides watching, petting, and playing with cats, we do have free wifi , a take-a-book- leave- a-book shelf for reading, art supplies for drawing, and games to play.   Check our calendar for special events such as lectures on animal health, pet ownership, and animal rescue, storytime, movie night, craft project and more!


Q: Can I host a private event at the TreeTops Kitty Cafe?

Yes, you can! The Kitty Cafe is a fun and unique location which can be reserved for small private events (6-12 people).  Contact us to make arrangements.


Q: How can I support or volunteer for the TreeTops Kitty Cafe?

We could not continue to operate without the support of our donors and volunteers.  Volunteers can foster cats in their home, work at the Café, help out at adoption events, help transport animals, or raise donations of supplies or money to help care for our foster animals in the Café and in foster homes. To volunteer, please complete an application at the Kitty Café. Foster applications are on the TreeTops website at www.treetopsrescue.org

Q: How can I donate to Treetops Kitty Cafe?

First and foremost, you can visit! All entry donations and other purchases made in the Cafe are a direct donation to the rescue! If you cannot come visit, please tell your friends to! Otherwise, we take donations on our website, Facebook page, or by mail. Aside from monetary donations, we can also use supplies for the Cafe. You can find them here on our Amazon Wish List! Any and all donations are appreciated.