Treetops Animal Rescue

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TreeTops Animal Rescue has helped find homes for over 2,000 pets since 2006, saving them from being killed or homeless.  We do not have a shelter and until 2017 we relied solely on volunteer foster families to care for our rescued animals as pets in their homes until they are adopted.   Then in 2017 we opened the Treetops Kitty Cafe, where cats could live in a home-like environment so that even more cats could find their forever homes.  

Our mission is to rescue cats from overcrowded shelters and find them loving homes by providing care and socialization, and to use our forum at the Kitty Café to educate the public about cat overpopulation.

Treetops Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible non-profit which depends on your donations to keep operating!