*Beginning 1/4/21, we are reopening the Cafe to multiple groups per visit. Please understand that you will be sharing space with another group if you do not book all 4 available slots. Thank you for your cooperation.*

Welcome to Treetops Kitty Café:

Where we believe every cat can find a home and every home can find a cat!


Our cat adoption experience allows you to find the purrfect feline for your unique home. We dedicate our efforts to finding forever homes for cats who need a second (or third) chance!
Treetops is a rescue that pulls the majority of our cats from highly crowded shelters or intercepts them on their way there. Once these cats arrive at Treetops Kitty Café, we evaluate their behavior and assist in creating a personal connection between cat and adopter.
For a small entry donation, guests are welcome to mingle with our adoptable cats, whether they plan to adopt or prefer playtime here!



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