Booking a visit with the cats:

  • Reservations are held Tuesday-Saturday from 11 AM to 4 PM.
    • Our cats are the most active during the morning hours. They tend to nap in the afternoon. Plan your visit accordingly! Afternoons tend to be more chill and relaxed, whereas mornings can be more energetic and interactive.
    • Peak days are Saturdays, days during summer break, spring break, and all winter holidays. Reservations are highly recommended during these times.
  • While not required, reservations are highly recommended. Walk-ins are subject to availability.
  • Our cats and all humans inside the Cafe are treated respectfully and kindly. Anyone found to be harassing or injuring our cats or other humans will be asked to leave without a refund. Adults must supervise the children in their care at all times.
  • Guests making their own booking must be 18 and older. We are not held liable for minors who book or walk in without a guardian’s consent.
  • Please book your reservation at the bottom of this page after you read our guidelines.
    • By booking and agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you are accepting your own risk of visiting our cats.


  • Children 5 and older are welcome in the Cafe with a supervising adult. Please do not bring newborns or infants to the lounge. We do not allow strollers or car seat carriers in the lounge with the cats.
  • We do not allow more than 2 children per supervising adult.
  • Please remember that we have up to 25 cats in the Cafe. This is a much different environment than your home. We know your kids are going to be excited, but loud noises, running, and climbing on furniture are prohibited. Please review these rules with your children ahead of your visit.

Please read our rules and guidelines to optimize your visit. Prepare children ahead of time to set expectations. These rules help us keep you, the cats, and our staff safe during your visit.