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Anchovy (available)

Age: 2 yrs

Neutered male, vaccinated, microchipped

Anchovy is truly a sweetheart. He’s a little shy as he adjusts to his new surroundings but wants to be held or sit in your lap. He does give affectionate love bites, so a house with young kids would probably not be a good fit. He’s scared of dogs but gets along with other cats. Anchovy has a grade III heart murmur and will need an adopter who has experience with medical needs cats.

Cashew (available)

Age: 4 years

Neutered male, vaccinated, microchipped.

Cashew is a very sweet buff tabby. He gets along with some cats, but does have conflict with other males. He loves to be snuggled. Cashew is on a sensitive stomach diet here and we recommend he continue on one after adoption (easy to find in any pet store and not pricey!).

Checkers (available)

Age: approximately 2 years young

Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped

Checkers arrived on 2/26. He’s a very sweet and laid-back cat. He loves to be with you, sleep on your lap, and follow you around. He’s chatty, too! He would fit best into a home where he is the only cat. No kids, please – he’s a biter!

Chilly (available)

Age: 8 years

Breed: Snowshoe Siamese mix

Neutered male, vaccinated, microchipped

Chilly was seized from unfit living situations and immediately placed in foster care with a family that did not give him the time to decompress from his traumatic relocation. He was returned to the shelter on a day we were visiting and we fell in love with him! He just got neutered and spent a month in a condo while we worked with him to get him socialized. He’s still a bit shy but loves to be pet and loves toys with feathers! Chilly gets along well with other cats. We recommend him to a home that has experience with Siamese cats.

Cupcake (available)

Age: 7 years

Spayed female, vaccinated.

Cupcake is a sweet, gentle, and mature cat. She came to us after being in the shelter for 193 days. Cupcake was an owner surrender and is now looking for her next (and final!) family to call home. She gets along with everyone and would be a great cat for a family.

Delani (available)

Age: 5 months

Spayed female, microchipped, core vaccines in progress

Delani is a very sweet little girl. She’s affectionate and loving. Loves to be pet once you settle down with her. Great with other cats! Would prefer an adult-only home since she’s a little skittish around loud noises and fast movements.

Dexter (available)

Age: approximately 8 months

Neutered male, vaccinated, microchipped

Dexter is a young adult Maine Coon mix. He grew up as a feral cat, so he’s still learning to trust humans. He gets along really well with other cats and needs a quiet, adult-only home with experienced cat owners.

Emily (available)

Age: 1 year

Spayed and fully vaccinated.

Emily is a gorgeous white and brown tabby. She’s petite and has beautiful eyes!
Emily is a cat who needs a gentle hand and patience. She tends to react with her paws and teeth. For this reason, Emily should not be in a home with children. Emily wants to be near you at all times and likes to be scratched behind the ears or under the chin.  She tolerates being held and she’s extremely playful and active! Emily has a very strong and endearing personality.

*Requirement to adopt: previous cat-ownership. Experience with behaviorally challenged cats a plus.

Fern (available)

Age: 1 year

Spayed female, vaccinated

Fern is a talkative, snuggly, and very sweet young female cat. She gets along with other cats and tolerates dogs. She’s very opinionated! Currently, Fern is recovering from a routine hernia repair (from her spay surgery) and cannot be adopted until she fully recovers, but we are accepting applications.

Hiccup (available)

Age: 4 months

Hiccup is a semi-feral kitten that we have successfully rehabilitated. She likes to play, be pet, and will sit on your lap. She’s quick to react with teeth and claws and has a very outgoing personality.

We will not consider first-time pet owners or families with children for Hiccup. She’s goofy and spunky and is quick to react with teeth and claws.

Periwinkle (available)

Age: 4 months

Female, not spayed, core vaccines given (boosters needed)

Periwinkle is a love bug! She’s very attentive and loves affection. She will follow you wherever you go. Periwinkle is not testing well with other cats right now and would prefer to be your only lap cat. She could probably coexist with a cat who does not demand as much attention as she does.

Queso (available)

Age: 1 year

Neutered male, vaccinated, microchipped.

Queso is a sweet and soft boy. He’s a little timid right now but is very affectionate. He’d make a great cat for basically any home! Queso does have some damage to his left eye from a previous injury. It does not cause him problems right now, but it could later down the road and any interested adopters should be aware of it.

Ryker (available)

Age: 1 year

Neutered male, vaccinated, microchipped.

Ryker is a sweet, social, and gentle cat. He’s incredibly laid-back and loves to be pet. He gets along with kids, dogs, and other cats. Ryker is a catch!

Scotty&Speedy (available)

Age: approximately 9 months

Neutered males, vaccinated, microchipped

Scotty and Speedy have become fast friends since arriving at the beginning of March 2021. They play all night and love to wrestle. Scotty is reserved and spends most of his day sleeping and hiding, but he is a snuggle bug at heart. Speedy is a bit more outgoing, chatty, and approachable, but not much of a lap cat. The two make for a purrfect pair!

Sergei (available)

Age: 2 years young

Neutered male, vaccinated, microchipped

Sergei is a gentle giant. He loves to be pet and give head butts. Would prefer to be the only cat in the home.

Toothless (available)

Age: 4 months

Female, microchipped, vaccinations and spayed

Toothless is one of our rehabilitation kitties. She’s available to a home with feral experience. We will not consider first-time cat owners or families with children for her since she isn’t very social. She can live with or without other cats but needs a patient and quiet home.

Verna (available)

Age: 6 months

Spayed female, vaccinated, microchipped

Hi, I’m Verna. I am an adorable kitten who’s being socialized. I came from Cecil County Animal Services and I was about to be spayed to be released as a feral cat. Hannah (at the front desk) was able to pet me and I didn’t mind. She didn’t want to see me live outdoors as a stray for the rest of my life, so she took a chance on me and took me! I just got spayed and am ready to find my forever home! I love to be pet and will roll over on my side, purring and just soaking it all in. My ideal home is adult-only. I get along with other cats. Dogs might be too much for me, but I’m willing to give it a shot!