Please make a reservation if you would like to visit with us!
Call ahead to make sure we have the cat you are interested in at the Cafe before visiting if you want to meet someone specific.
*Applying to adopt before you plan your visit helps us direct you to the best cat for your family and allows you the opportunity to adopt the day you come to visit!


If you see a cat on the website, it means we do not have pending applications and the cat is available. Please apply to be considered.


Some cats listed there are in foster care or they are a courtesy listing for a third party. 



Domestic $120
Second Domestic Kitten $90
Exotic** $200
Second Exotic Kitten $150
Domestic $100
Second Domestic Cat $75
Senior Domestic Cat $75
Exotic Cat $175
Second Exotic Cat $130
Senior Exotic $150
Special Needs price varies on an individual basis


*Spay/Neuter Deposit:  This $50 fee is refunded once the rescue receives documentation that the adopted animal(s) has been spayed or neutered.

**Exotic Cat/Kitten: Has the markings or physical features of an exotic breed such as Siamese, Himalayan, Maine Coon or Persian.

***Special Needs Cat/Kitten: Has physical or behavioral issues that may need special or continuing care in the present or near future. For our “special needs” animals we are willing to adopt them outside of our normal adoption range to a great family.

All applicants must complete the online application in its entirety. Please do not leave information out as this can delay your application process.

Adoption process:

Our multi-step process ensures that our cats are placed in an appropriate forever home – a suitable match for each family and an environment in which the animal can thrive and grow. Each application is reviewed on an individual basis.

Requirements for Approval

  1. Applicants must provide proof of homeownership or a rental manager’s phone number.
  2. Applicants must be at least 21 years old. All applicants are required to have a co-applicant willing to commit to caring for the animal until its death if they are unable to. Applicants 25 years and younger or 70 years and older must list a co-applicant who is between those ages.
  3. Applicants must have vet records showing ALL current and previous cats and dogs were given regular exams and vaccinations every year for dogs and at least three years for cats. All current and previous cats and dogs must have been spayed or neutered unless they are AKC/CFA registered show animals. We will call your current or most-recent veterinarian first and foremost. If you know your pets need vaccination updates, please indicate that on your application. Leaving out information will result in delays.
  4. Our preferential adoption area is within a 1-hour drive from the Southern Chester County Area, but we do accept applications within a 2-hour drive.
  5. Kittens under the age of 6 months are to be adopted in pairs or to a home with other cats. Due to the amount of care and supervision tiny kittens need, we do not adopt young kittens to homes with young children or those without cat-owning experience. Most of our adults are 2 years old or younger and would make great pets for families or first-time owners!


Keep in mind after you are approved that we carry many of the items you will need for your new cat!

Shop with us and help support the rescue!

We do not adopt cats as “gifts”.

All parties involved in adoption must be made aware they are being gifted with adoption and then they may come in to pick the cat they want.

Please call to talk to a representative about obtaining an “adoption gift certificate”.