About Us

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Our mission is to rescue adoptable lost, abandoned, or surrendered animals from high-kill shelters; to supply needed care and medical attention; to provide them with re-socialization in our Cat Cafe where they can interact with humans and potential adopters in a safe and cage-free environment, and to place them in permanent adoptive homes where they will be loved and properly cared for. We pride ourselves in screening our potential adopters to ensure it is the right fit for pet and human.

What exactly is a Kitty Cafe?

They will vary by location, but generally is a safe place for rescued cats to live where guests can visit them and adopt them! Some cat cafes are multi-functional and offer food services, but we do not. Our location is strictly a rescue center.

Do all the adoptable cats live at the Cafe?

Treetops Kitty Cafe is the main location where most of our adoptable cats are housed. Any cats with illnesses or an inability to live in a multi-cat environment are housed in a foster home.
The cats roam freely 24/7 and the Cafe is open to guests Tuesday-Saturday each week.

Why do I need to pay to play with the cats?

Because we are a non-profit, our guests are required to make a set donation to visit our cats. This is our main form of income and without entry donations, we wouldn’t be able to pay our bills and continue running our rescue in this way.
Your donation helps us feed, vet, and pay for the roof over our cats’ heads. Donations from reservations are a drop in our very large bucket but are very much appreciated.

You can find our current rates on our reservations page.

Where do the cats come from?

Treetops Kitty Cafe is a haven for cats who come from high-kill shelters.
We aim to provide a calm, open space for our cats to flourish while they wait to be adopted. Once a cat comes to Treetops, they remain with us until they are adopted.
Sometimes that can take more than a year, but that’s okay! Our cat lounge is equipped with seating for guests amidst cat towers, beds, toys, and other nooks for optimal exploration, play, and much-needed rest.

Can you take strays or owner surrenders?

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to take cats straight from the public. When we pull cats from shelters, those cats have been given veterinary care including vaccines, spay/neuter, and treatment for other mild illnesses before they come to us. They must pass a health exam and be friendly with other cats. Shelters also handle relinquishment of ownership for the cats they send to us if coming from a home environment.
As a private rescue, we rely solely on donations from our community. We differ from a shelter, which usually obtains funding from the government.

Thank you for your support!

Our rescue runs on caffeine, snuggles, and help from our extraordinary volunteers. With their help, we provide a clean and nourishing environment for cats of all ages.

If you or someone you know is interested in committing to a yearly, bi-yearly, or seasonal donation, please contact us to discuss the perks of being a big donor! Keep an eye on our social media for updates regarding our bi-yearly fundraising drives and other opportunities to donate.

All applications to adopt are processed in-house by staff.

Thank you to the Treisner family for all of your hard work and dedication to Treetops Animal Rescue and Treetops Kitty Cafe from 2006-2020.


We are a proud member of the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce