Lost, Found, and Owner Surrenders

Treetops Kitty Cafe is not a shelter for stray cats or owner surrenders.

We do not accept cats from the public under any circumstance other than returns of internal adoptions.

What you see at Treetops is all that we are. A small, private, limited rescue with 2 staff members. We do not have a veterinarian on staff, holding cages, or foster homes to support intake from the public.

Q: I found a stray cat. What do I do?

A: Your best bet is to surrender the stray cat to your local shelter. We have the Brandywine Valley SPCA nearby in West Chester, PA. If you have social media, please post on local message boards that you have found a cat and that it is being taken to a local shelter. Include a picture and a description of its physical attributes (male/female, color, coat length)

Q: I lost my cat. Do you have it?

A: We never accept cats from the general public. You will need to contact your local shelter to see if they have your pet. The Brandywine Valley SPCA has a resource page for more information:


Q: I cannot keep my cat anymore. What are my options?

A: While we understand some things cannot be controlled, please consider working with your cat to make it easier to keep them. Low-cost vet services are available all over our region if finances are a concern. Your best bet is to rehome your cat(s) instead of placing them in a shelter or rescue environment to lower their stress levels and give them an easier transition to a new life:

Adopt-A-Pet Rehoming Service

PetFinder Rehoming Service

If you have exhausted your options, please contact your local SPCA or Humane Society and ask them for your options. You may be referred to a larger local rescue or foster-based organization. Post on social media and vet all interested applicants. NEVER list a cat “for free to a good home”. Unfortunately, some people are only interested in harming animals and will seek out posts for re-homing pets. Check your local Facebook groups for re-homing groups as well.

Q: I found stray kittens! What should I do?

A: STOP! Their mother may be close by. If the kittens are resting, warm, or playing, they are okay. Check every 2-3 hours to see if their mother returns. If the kittens are cold, crying, lethargic, or seem ill, move them to safety. Keep them warm with a heating pad and feed them KMR formula every 2 hours. If you cannot do this yourself, please contact your local SPCA for help!

If mom returns and she is friendly, collect the litter with her and take them to safety. You can take them to your local SPCA or Humane Society or you can take them home and foster them. Mom will need to be spayed when the kittens are old enough. Kittens do not struggle to be adopted at shelters and friendly adults do well, too!

If mom is not friendly, continue to feed her and contact your local shelter for information about TNR (trap/neuter/release) so she can be spayed and re-released in the area you found her.


Feral cats and kittens do not need to find homes. They need to be spayed/neutered and given vaccines. Feral cats are resourceful and enjoy their life outside. Many feral cats cannot be rehabilitated. While it’s not impossible, TNR is the most humane thing for feral cats instead of trying to domesticate them.

Local resources:

Brandywine Valley SPCA

Faithful Friends

Forgotten Cats

Delaware Humane Association